On Selling The Matrix and the Promise of a Future State

When the Wachowski brothers presented their idea for The Matrix to Warner Bros., they told Warner Bros. it was going to cost $80 million to produce the entire film.

Warner Bros. refused.

“We’ll give you a budget of $10 million”, they said.

The Wachowski brothers accepted, took the $10 million budget and spent the whole budget on the first ten minutes of the movie.

$10 million on only the first ten minutes of the film.

Then, they showed the opening scene to the executives at Warner Bros, who were so impressed that they allocated the full $80 million budget the Wachowskis had initially asked for.

The entire series ended up making close to $2 billion.

The Wachowskis showed Warner Bros. what The Matrix could be.

They showed them its potential.

The Matrix was made possible because the Wachowski brothers sold the promise of a future state.

Many brands take the same approach.

They show how much easier people’s lives could be if they had product X.

Or how much happier they would be if they only had X.

The key to successfully selling the promise of a future state is to focus on your audience.

What are their needs?

What are their desires?

What do they care about most?

And finally, it’s about taking a chance.

If the Wachowski brothers had not taken a chance we wouldn’t have The Matrix.

And Warner Bros. wouldn’t have produced a billion dollar franchise.


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