On the Power of Jingles and Rhymes in Advertising – the Ad of Today


Why are jingles called jingles?

It’s because they ring a bell in your head.

They help you remember.

If it rhymes and if it’s catchy, it will stick.

And especially if the voice is from someone famous.

Don’t believe me? Look:


Told you…



Jingles and rhymes, especially with well-known voices, stick.

That’s why HP saw a 26% increase in sales for its x360 tablet following its song with Meghan Trainor.

And that’s apart from the 50 million views the video clip got.

And that’s also why every time I see the ‘Man of today’ ad from Hugo Boss I can’t help myself reading it with Gerard Butler’s Scottish voice.

It’s how our minds work.

What makes the ‘Man of today’ ad particularly fascinating is how perfectly the video suits the rhyme.

It’s the combination of both the video and the rhyme that help Hugo Boss tell a great story.

It tells the story of what the ‘Man of today’ is like – the type of story that appeals to just about any man.

If you’re wondering how appealing the story really is, the ad was actually reuploaded by a Youtuber as a motivational video which, on itself, already got 30k+ likes.

How many clothing ads you know were reuploaded as motivational videos?

That’s what I thought.

So now you know what you need to do.

The ad of today needs a rhyme or a jingle – something that helps it stick.

Or better yet, get Gerard Butler to sing a jingle.


If you’re interested in the ‘Man of Today’ ad, check out the making-of video:


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