On the Difference Between Seeing Things in Perspective and in Practice

From a certain perspective, many ads make sense.

In practice, on the other hand, we sometimes see the opposite.

Tom Fishburne (he’s awesome by the way, check out his work), reflected this idea perfectly in one of his recent cartoons.

It’s something that happens when you don’t have your final audience in mind.

A couple of months ago, I ran into an outdoor ad on my way to work.

I can’t remember from which brand it was, but I do remember the ad was split in half; the top half was white and the bottom half was purple.

There was a pink’ish campaign line displayed over both halves. It was clearly visible in the top half, but not so much on the bottom, purple, half.

What probably made a lot of sense when it was designed in Photoshop wasn’t readable on the street.

It’s a common problem.

When we produce things for our own approval, instead of the approval of our audience, that’s when we start making the mistakes.

The only thing that matters is your audience.


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Inspiration and Insights

On advertising and marketing