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My name is Florent Geerts and I’m an adman living in Amsterdam. Previously I lived in New York & London but at the moment I’m loving my time at Ogilvy & Mather here in the Netherlands.

I’m very passionate about marketing & storytelling and I created this website so I could share with others what I read about and where my head is at.

So every week, I write. And it goes right here on my website.

But whenever I write I always have one goal in mind: I want to bring people new perspectives that will help them to do their work even better.

So maybe you’re in advertising like me, or in charge of marketing at a larger company, or perhaps you’re a small business owner; in any scenario, I hope that my ideas are helpful to you.

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Oh and by the way, for those of you who love GREAT advertising, I collect the best of ’em on Once Upon a Brand – go take a look!

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Speak soon!




Everything I write is my personal opinion, not that of my employer.


Inspiration and Insights

On advertising and marketing

Inspiration and Insights

On advertising and marketing